Bird Proofing

Birds can be more than just a nuisance, creating unhygienic and unsafe conditions. ESY Services provide trusted professional bird proofing services in London and throughout Greater London.

The effect of birds on your business

First impressions are everything, and unhygienic gatherings of birds in your building may be off-putting to clients. Bird droppings are acidic and can eat away at construction, damaging your premises. The birds themselves can also cause damage, as well as their nests creating issues with guttering and drainage.

It’s important to remember there are serious health issues associated with bird droppings and the bacteria contained within it, so a bird issue must be dealt with as soon as possible. That’s where ESY can help you with our reliable, professional bird proofing services.

What is bird proofing?

Bird proofing is a range of methods used to remove or deter birds from nesting, landing, or congregating. Bird proofing requires an individually tailored response depending on the species, the building, and the issues the birds are creating.

Our free initial survey will assess what the birds are using your building for and whether they have nested. We will then move forward with the most fitting response to the bird issues you are facing.

Bird proofing services we provide include:

  • Pin and wire – Environmentally safe and one of the least visible measures, which creates an unstable landing area to deter birds.
  • Bird spikes – Humane deterrent which prevents birds from landing or nesting without causing harm to the birds.
  • Netting – Bird netting which can cover large areas preventing entry to birds.

ESY provide cleaning and disinfecting services before deterrent installation.

When it comes to bird messing, our extensive experience in this area allows us to deliver an excellent level of hygiene even for severe problems.

Bird proofing solutions tailored to your specific needs

When choosing a professional bird proofing service, you need a service that is tailored to your specific needs. A comprehensive bird proofing service must create an individualised plan considering not only the business needs, but also the legislation of bird protection and of the building. ESY bird proofing services are always tailored to our client’s needs, providing a professional service you can trust in the London and Greater London area.

Why ESY is your go-to for bird proofing and deterrents

ESY use the latest technological advances and the expertise of our experienced staff to find the most appropriate solution to your bird problem.

Upon collecting client information and documents, we carry out a free site survey to identify the most appropriate bird proofing solution. Our work is carried out by skilled professionals within the agreed time frame and budget.

When the project is complete our clients receive a detailed report, which includes time-stamped images of the work taking place with their invoice. ESY provide a service in which our clients can have the peace of mind that all work is being efficiently carried out to the highest standard.

If you need bird proofing solutions for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out how ESY can help you.

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A pleasure to deal with!

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Reliable and pleasant workers, recommended this company.

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Friendly, reliable, and above all – Very Professional!

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The guys to go to for your external cleaning requirements. Service second to none!

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Wow! What a fantastic experience! Friendly, reliable and a pleasure to deal with!!! Couldn’t recommend enough! Thank you!!!!

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ESY provided a great service and were a pleasure to deal with! Very reasonably priced!

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Flawless service. Very pleased!!

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Highly recommended quick and honest job. Quality service with good rates.

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ESY Services assist us in lots of our window cleaning work (around London and surrounding areas). Its a pleasure to work with them, they do a very professional job. Highly recommended.

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